Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This is great way to trade books online! All you do is post 9 books that you want to trade, you then get 3 free book credits so you can choose 3 free books right away (the sender pays for shipping). Using the seach page you can browse and search the PBS library by title, author or genre. When you find a book you want you just click the "order this book" button and the book is sent to you for free!

When someone requests a book from you, PBS will e-mail you letting you know that someone wants your book. You can choose to accept the request. Then you print out the wrapper and wrap the book. If you have stamps on hand you can mail it right from your mailbox. It usually costs $2.13 to mail. Everytime you mail a book you get another book credit.

I have recieved 11 books, mostly books we use in our homeschool. You can click the PBS button on the right if you want to check it out. If you do decide to sign up please give my name (TLCmom) as the referal and I'll get a free book credit. Thanks!

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