Saturday, December 13, 2008


My children have an awesome vocabulary, and it hasn't been a huge focus in our homeschool. My 15 yo just told me yesterday that throughout the years, if he is reading and doesn't know a word, he will often get out the dictionary to find out what it means, or he'll just figure it out from the passage. He also said that the the Redwall series by Brian Jacques helped him tremendously with his vocabulary. He first read the series in the 3rd grade, and has re-read the books numerous times throughout the years. My oldest son has always loved words. When he was 9 yo he wanted a dictionary for Christmas. It was one of his favorite gifts! The other favorite that year was an X-Box :).

One thing I have done is instill in my kids a love of reading. I've read to them just about everyday from the time they were babies. I love books, and I love sharing them with my children. My husband has an incredible vocabulary, and a love of words that he has passed on to our kids. I was inspired to write this post after reading Heather's post at Blog,She Wrote.


  1. We love books, too. Not surprising, I guess. :)

    That is pretty cool when a dictionary ranks right up with the x-box! Yay! :)

  2. I agree that reading good literature definitely increases vocabulary! I frequently pause in our reading to ask whether they know what a word means; other times they will stop me and ask! I have sometimes done vocab "formally" with them by later looking the words up with them and having them pick a few to write out on a card. BUT I find that they absorb the words just as well when we simply talk about them as we read. I've also been having my 10-y/o write the words out in different colors and post them on the frig so we can see them and remember to use them.