Wednesday, April 5, 2006

A day of homeschooling

I got up around 7:00 with the baby and nursed her while I checked e-mail and sonlight boards. Then I had breakfast while the baby sat in her high chair and had crackers and cantaloupe. The boys slowly got up and did their morning routine including Bible reading. I had one of them play with the baby while I showered.

Christian (age 5) needs extra attention so I try to have the three older boys spend a half hour each morning playing one on one with him while I'm doing school with the others. I sent Charles ( age 12) off to play Legos with Christian up in the playroom, while Andrew (age14) worked on his Algebra 1. I was going to have Isaiah (age 9) start school but he started playing with the baby and I thought it was a good opportunity to do a thorough cleaning of our master bathroom.

When Andrew was finished Algebra he played with Christian. The baby went down for a nap. While I worked with Charles, Isaiah drew a diagram of how ocean water becomes rain. Then for copy work he copied the step-by-step process. Charles did a narration from the book Om-kas-Toe: A blackfeet Twin Captures an Elkdog (Sonlight core 3). He dictated to me while I typed, then he typed some while I was helping Isaiah. Then we had lunch.

After lunch the kids put on a Ken Ham dvd about dinosaurs and the Bible. Sunday and Monday we had gone to a Ken Ham conference. Andrew is interested in creation science, so he spent the afternoon reading a book he had gotten at the conference and looking at articles from the Answers in Genesis website.

Lately, the kids have been spending tons of time outside, but since it rained all day they stayed inside. I spent some quality time with the baby, then I let her pull everything out of the lower cupboard while I cleaned the counters and did dishes. .

At some point, Charles, got out his spelling and cursive writing. He is very good about making sure his schoolwork gets done. As I was cleaning up I kept trying to get Isaiah to do his cursive and narration but he was busy playing the new contraptions computer CD with my Christian. I think they spent about 2 hours on it!

Next, we went up to the playroom and the baby played while I read "Om-kas-Toe: A blackfeet Twin Captures an Elkdog" to Charles and Isaiah. After that, Andrew joined us and we took turns reading our Physical Science textbook. (We meet once a week with two other families to do the experiments. ) Isaiah stayed in the room and played with Legos.

After science, Andrew, got back on the computer for a few minutes to try to fix the printer, and Charles read a few chapters in the Mystery of History. I fixed dinner and Hubby spent time with Christian and Isaiah. I was not in the mood to make anything spectacular for dinner, so I made French toast, which my kids loved.


After dinner the kids did their jobs. The older 3 boys daily rotate doing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, and vacuuming the hardwood floors.

The Cindy Rushton Notebooking book came in the mail today, so every spare chance I had I read a little. The kids watched Agent Cody Banks 2, a treat for them because lately the TV has been off (a good thing).

After the movie my husband started playing light sabers with the kids, I was exhausted, so I went to bed and let Hubby send them to bed when they were finished.

...So that was our day. We got a lot more accomplished than I had originally thought!

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