Monday, July 9, 2007

What we did today...


I Woke up at 8:00 and spent some time with my little girl (we are usually the first ones up). Then I looked at'm trying to follow her routine. Next I unloaded and loaded the dishwasher and started a load of laundry. After the boys got up, I had them play with Sophie and Christian while I showered. Then I helped them make thier beds and do thier morning routine.

We are having a Video game/TV free week, so I encouraged the kids to find other things to do. It's been raining all day, so unfortunetly they couldn't go outside. They ended up playing with legos, reading and listening to music. Andrew still has school to finish up so every spare moment he has is working on school or practicing his lines for "Godspell"

Before I knew it , It was time for lunch. I made soup and tuna fish sandwitches.


We read a chapter of "The black Stallion" by Walter Farley after Sophie went down for her nap. Later the older kids played darts and Christian made another book. I love seeing him do things like that. He is so proud of his creations. Later he read his book to Sophie while she was coloring. Isaiah and I looked at at Usborne's "The Children's Book of Art". Then we all took turns using the Gazelle exersize machine that my parents gave us recently.

Charles and Isaiah helped me make Beef Stew for dinner. I actually haven't eaten beef in about 3 years, but the rest of the family eats it. Lately, I've been having the boys help me with dinner. Isaiah said it was actually fun. While the stew was cooking , I took Andrew to his play practice. Charles and Isaiah vacuumed and put away the laundry for me. When I got home I mopped the floor and we ate.


I ended up letting the kids watch a little TV so I could relax. We didn't do too much tonight. Fred hung out with the kids while I went to pick up Andrew. It took a long time to get the kids to bed. They've been staying up till mid-night every night lately. They were finally in bed by 10:00. Fred and I spend a little time alone together. With our large family, we really need time for just us.

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