Sunday, August 26, 2007

nice walks, crocheting, and wondering where the summer went!

Yesterday my hubby and I took the younger two kids for a really nice walk up the logging trail behind our house. We wanted to take our daughter to see our neighbor's horses that we can see from the trail, but the horses weren't out. We'll try again though -Sophie loves horses. It was wonderful just to walk and talk with with my hubby.

When the weather starts getting cooler I usually start crocheting. We did have a few cooler days so I got the blanket out that I had started for Sophie before she was born. For some reason It never got finished, so now I'm making it larger than I originally planned. It's purple and now I'm making a white trim around it. She'll be able to use it this winter. Crocheting is such a relaxing activity, this fall I'm going to learn how to knit.

We have one week till we start school. I'm now thinking about all those things I wanted to do before the summer was over. Where did the time go?! Hopefully, we'll go the the lake someday this week.

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