Sunday, August 12, 2007

our week-end

Our last butterflies came out and we did get a time-lapse! It came out awesome! My hubby is trying to convert it into a JIF animation so I can post it here. Today we let all the butterflies go free.

We went to church this morning. The worship was great and it was the best message I've heard in a while. After church we watched a movie, then the kids help me organize the toys that were getting scattered all over the house.

Charles had gone camping this week-end, so he met us at a park near where Andrew was practicing for his play. Then we just hung out at the park, something we've been doing often because Andrew has been in 3 plays this summer! There was another little girl there named Sophie who was born the same month as my daughter. Sophie has become a very popular name these days, I hear it every where!

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