Monday, August 6, 2007

Portfolios are finished!

I can breath a sigh of relief, all this year's school evaluations are done! I worked all week-end to finish the last 3 portfolios. I met with a teacher this morning at the private school we go through. We've had the kids evaluations done throught this school for the last 10 years. My oldest son only needs to take one class at the school sometime before he graduates and he'll get a diploma through the school.
The portfolios consist of a yearly summary of what the kids covered in each subject and what grades they got. For the younger years I don't give grades, I just write about what they used for curriculum and what they learned in each subject. I list the books they've read for the year, and include samplings of their work. I also like to put in scrapbook type pages with pictures of field trips, friends, and projects.

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