Friday, September 7, 2007

Our fith day & Christian's Rabbit and Turtle Narration

For lesson 5 in Christian's Language book I read a story to him. He told me in his own words what happened in the story, then he drew a picture. Here is his narration:

The Rabbit and the Turtle Narration
By Christian Cass
The rabbit and the turtle raced. The fox watched the race. At first, the rabbit bounded ahead. The rabbit decided to take a nap. The turtle went right past the rabbit while he was sleeping. Then the turtle crossed the finish line. Slow and steady wins the race.

science-Metric Units: Mass
History-Types of Governments
Reading-"Blink" by Ted Dekker

Math-Pg. 1A
History-"The Story of Money" by Betsy Maestro

I promised charles he could take the day off from school because tomorrow (Sat.) is his birthday. His friend is going to sleep over tonight and we'll have cake and ice cream.


  1. WOW TRACEY! Christian's narration was AMAZING!!

  2. Hey Christian, Great Job! And mom too, you're a great teacher, thanks for taking so much time with my wonderful sons! You're a blessing!!