Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dress rehersal for Just So

Tonight we took the family to see the boys rehearsal for Just So. They were so good! The ages of the kids in the musical range from 17 down to 11. Most of them have really nice voices and I've seen many of them really improve in their singing since the last musical. They have a great music director who's been instructing them.

Isaiah is in the "company" and played a blackbird and a wildebeest-He did a great job and I was very proud of him. Andrew plays the Parsee Man and Leopard. He had so much fun with these characters-especially the Parsee Man. During intermission and after the play I kept getting comments like "Oh! Your Andrew's mom?" and "Andrew stole the the show!" and "Your son is hysterical!" Yes, I'm very proud of him. He loves being on stage and making people laugh. He really wants to go into acting or radio after high school.

They have 6 shows coming up and tomorrow is opening night!

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