Thursday, December 13, 2007

Homeschool day 78

more research for negative debate case
*Leaving for NY tomorrow for a economic seminar and practice debate tournament *
Reading-"Jack A Life of C.S. Lewis" by

Total Language Plus- Reading questions for ch. 1, vocab A, spelling A, Grammar A
TLP Reading-"The High King" by Lloyd Alexander
Science-Oxford "A Guide to the Elements" by Albert Stwertka -Argon & potassium
Pre-Algebra- Lesson 4D
Reading-"Warrior, The Sight" by Erin Hunter
Bible-Ezra ch.3 & 4
History: St. Boiface, apostle to Germany Lesson 34
Music -piano

Math Lesson 8 A
Bible-Gen. Ch.8
TLP-Vocab. unit 4 Grammar D memorize prepositions , spelling B & C
Read-Aloud (mom)-" Treasures of The Snow" by Patricia St. John
History-Lesson 21
Science- Usborne Mysteries & Marvels of Nature
Reading-"The Magicians Nephew

Math-U-See Foundations Lesson 8 B & addition flashcards
Language lesson 46 Pronouns -I and mine
Reading-"More Days Go By"-finished book!
Explode the Code pg 116 &117
Science-Usborne Mysteries & Marvels of Nature

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