Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Saturday

Christian is feeling much better today, he seems just about back to normal. We were planning to all go to see Monster Trucks at a nearby arena today, but since Sophie and Christian are recovering from being sick, I stayed home with them, and Hubby took the other boys. They really enjoyed themselves, and I think it's great that they got some guy time.

I took it easy in the morning. I did some reading and using the computer, and then I cleaned our upstairs bedrooms and baths in the afternoon. Sophie and I made homemade pizza and peanut butter cookies. She loves baking with me . I tried to make it myself to get it done quicker, but she would not have that :), and it turned out to be a very enjoyable time.

In the evening, Hubby, Charles, Isaiah and I played darts. We gave the boys a dart set for Christmas. We had it set up on our porch, but it's just too cold out, so we tried setting it up in front of our white board. On one of my turns, I put a hole in the white board. Oops, I guess we need to do something different.

Andrew came home last night from his Speech and debate round robin. He did well in speech, but not as well in debate. Overall, he had a great time. He was exhausted though, which always happens after these things. It's a full day, and they usually stay up most of the night chatting with friends.

After all the kids were in bed, Hubby and I watched a movie, and spent time together. I am so blessed that after 18 years of marriage we are still so in love. He tells me everyday that he's in love with me, and just what he loves about me.

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