Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Astronomy study

Christian (7) has been into reading the Magic School Bus books and watching the videos. We've been getting them at the library each week. Going through my bookshelves today, I found a Magic School Bus chapter book on Space.

Christian and I took turns reading aloud the first chapter. I suggested drawing a picture of the 9 planets (above). He drew God on top of the earth and he put the ? on his paper after he asked me where Heaven is. You can also see the magic school bus and an astronaut out there :) I taught him the acronym MVEMJSUNP (which I learned as My Very Excellent Mind Just Served Up Nine Planets) to learn the names/order of the planets. We looked at a few pages from the Usborne Science Encyclopedia and Usborne Discovery Astronomy book. We also looked at some of the recommended websites. I orally quizzed him on what we read had read about. This afternoon he watched the MSB gets lost in space video.


  1. the Magic School Bus are excellent
    as are usborne books
    good learning and picture
    bless him that he wanted to include God
    we enjoy learning about Space too

  2. Gasinator loves the Magic School Bus books. He did a great job!

  3. We have some beautiful astronomy books. I need to remind my oldest to look at them. But we are starting plants and bugs soon. Oh there is so much to do isn't there. :)

  4. My children also really love MSB books and videos! Looks like lots of fun. I like your memory device. I may borrow that!