Friday, March 28, 2008

Heart of the Matter: on sheltering

Today's meme is based on what our thoughts are on the following quote:

"Clearly there is an appropriate kind of sheltering. When those who are opposed to homeschooling accuse me of sheltering my children, my reply is always, 'What are you going to accuse me of next, feeding and clothing them?" ~R.C. Sproul Jr

I do think there is an appropriate kind of sheltering. My husband and I have sheltered our kids from name calling, bullies, vulgar language, other kids teaching "sex education" and other things that we had to deal with and "learn" growing up in public school. I don't feel like my kids have to go to school to learn about the real world.

It's interesting, my oldest son is going to a homeschool prom tomorrow night, and today he was interviewed over the phone for a local newspaper. The interviewer asked him many questions about the prom and about being a homeschooled student.

One of the questions he asked my son was "Do you get out much?" to which my son jokingly replied, "Do you mean am I sheltered?" He went on to tell the man how he finds ways to get out and do new things. He told him about volunteering at the boys and Girls club, acting in plays, speech and debate clubs, and how he played for a local basketball team for many years.

In our 11 years of homeschooling, I think I've had only 2 negative comments about us teaching our kids at home. Most of the feedback I've gotten has been very positive-usually people say things like, "I wish I could do that, but I can't because of_____."


  1. Thanks for sharing such a sweet post. Be sure to take plenty of prom pics and have a blessed weekend!

  2. I usually get the same comment. It's like women feel guilty that they don't homeschool so they have to tell me why they can't. I don't know why they feel that way. It sounds like your son had some really good answers. Why is it that people think that the only way for a child to get out is at school? It just doesn't make logical sense.

  3. I think sometimes people have this idea that because we homeschool we have our children locked in the house 24-7. Yes we do shelter them (and we need to)but that doesn't mean we lock them up. I have had many people ask me that question, and the other one What about socialization? I think it all comes from a misundersanding of homeschooling. I think it is wonderful your son got to go to the prom.