Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A gorgeous day

We spent most of the day today outside because it was so gorgeous! We even did school outside!

Christian wrote a story today. First he did the illustrations , then he dictated the story to Daddy.

Sophie and Christian have been spending a lot of time at the swing set. Christian goes out and swings first thing in the morning since we've been having this great weather.

We did more yard work today. I've been having the kids help me work for an hour a day, everyday this week, then I figure we'll have it all done. Andrew spent the entire day today at someone elses house raking leaves and earning money for Regionals.

Charles, Isaiah and I finally did some sketches for our nature notebooks. Yay! In the pic Isaiah is showing his leaf drawing. Charles drew a tree that came out great (he's a good artist), but he'd kill me if I posted a picture of it! I won't show mine, maybe next time :)

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