Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Goals

  • teach the kids the 4 steps in prayer
  • have set time for my quiet prayer time in morning
  • have kids memorize Bible verses that have been most helpful to Hubby and I
  • reteach Christian to tie his shoes
  • Have Sophie out of pull-ups by end of summer
  • Do sit-ups every day & pilates 3X a week
  • teach christian a new job around the house
  • work on using napkins (not shirts:)
  • continue with math speed drills every day (or most days- it takes 5 minutes)
  • watch drawing basics DVD and practice drawing w/younger kids
  • Isaiah continue with cursive writing
  • have kids use fun, educational software. maybe monday:thinking games, Tuesday:Geography, Wednesday:typing, Thursday:math games and Friday:language games. Or something like that.
  • make sure to take the kids swimming often
  • tennis at the park
  • lots of get togethers with friends
  • more board games


  1. I love how you laid that all out. That should be a carnival or something with Mr Linky so people could leave their links and do the same. At any rate Im going to copy this idea in the near future iof you dont mind.

  2. Ok thank you SO much for saying you want her out of pullups by the end of the summer! We are battling this as well and we are going commando with both girls the first week of the Olympics lol. Gregg is staying home with me and no more diapers will come into this house. Pray for me AND share any tips! :-)

    What is drawing basics dvd? I am currently researching options for learning to draw (still in the future yes lol), but am not familiar with this?