Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tturkey Thanksgiving Craft

Sophie loves to do crafts, and asks to do them often. Christian usually has to be talked into it, but once he starts he enjoys it. I've done this particular craft before with when the other children were young. You trace the child's feet on brown construction paper for the body of the turkey, then trace their hands 6 times with red, yellow and orange paper for the feathers. You can use googly eyes if you have them, I used small white fuzzy balls and black marker for the eyes. Cut out a red circle for the wattle, and an orange triangle for the beak. Then cut out legs and glue them to the back of the turkey.

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  1. My son did that craft in preschool and I had forgotten about it. Im goign to be babysitting my granddaughter the last two weeks of Novemeber and doing crafts. Now thanks to this reminder I will add this one to the list!