Monday, January 5, 2009

Our homeschooling day in pictures 1/5

First the kids do their morning routines, then they read their Bibles. Christian (8) and Sophie (3) have been listening to The Memory Bible. Its a book and CD with bible stories and scriptures put to music. Isaiah (12) reads 1 chapter in the Bible a day, then he writes out one verse that sticks out to him in his Bible journal. Charles (15) is using the book "What the Bible is all about" then reads the verses in his Bible that they suggest. After he reads he will write one verse in his Bible journal. Andrew( 17)  reads a chapter or two from the bible for his own personal bible reading, and like his brothers, he also keeps a journal, but he will write a page or two about what he's read! He loves to write!

After Bible, Sophie and Christian listened to the Math-U-See skip counting CD while drinking hot chocolate. Then they watched an educational video and played with Duplo Legos while I brought Andrew to his class.
Andrew goes to a Christian school 3 mornings a week for an Ethics class, guitar lessons, practice with the youth band, and to work on the senior project.

While I was gone, Isaiah did Calculadders (timed math drills) and cursive writing (he still needs practice on this), and Charles read Countdown to Independence by Natalie S. Bober for history.
When I got back, Isaiah and Christian worked on Math at the kitchen table. Isaiah is using Math-U-See Zeta. Christian is using the Time 4 Learning website for math, so most of his math is done on the computer, but they do have worksheets you can print out. Charles worked on his Biology lesson during this time.
For lunch, I made fried rice with the leftovers from last night. It's so easy! First stir onion in olive oil, then added a little Cajun seasoning (sometimes I use other seasonings). Next add corn, peas, and leftover rice and stir fry them for a few minutes, then make a hole in the middle and scramble 2 eggs in the hole. Then mix it all together. Lastly, add a little soy sauce and you have a delicious lunch! I had a quick visit with Hubby while we ate our lunch.

Well, that was our morning. We didn't get as much accomplished before noon as I had planned. We had to look all over for a missing Math-U-See DVD, the Time 4 Learning site was down, and Andrew's class was delayed for two hours because of icy roads, so I had to bring him in the middle of the morning. Everyone was having a hard time getting back into school after almost 2 weeks off!

After Andrew got home he gave Charles a guitar lesson. Then he completed his Algebra II, British Lit., and logic assignments. Charles worked on Algebra I and English.

I read a chapter of A Cricket in Times Square to Christian and Isaiah. You can see Sophie napping in the chair next to us.

Here Isaiah is completing a notebooking page for our unit study of A Cricket in Times Square. Then he read for an hour. Reading is not one of his favorite things, but he got a book from the library that he's been wanting to read for a while.
Christian made a blog post. He loves blogging almost as much as I do! The Time 4 Learning site was back up in the afternoon, but I only had Christian do one language assignment. It was getting late so I didn't have him do the other assignments I had planned.
We had clean up time around 4:00 pm. Usually, the boys do some jobs in the morning and some in the afternoon, but today we got up late and all the jobs were done in the afternoon. I recently found Chorebusters and each child has their jobs printed out for the week.

In the afternoon the kids spent time with Dad, read, made up plays, drew pictures, and played Wii. Sophie and I played dolls and other pretend games. After dinner, Isaiah and Andrew went to play practice. They will both be performing in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory.

Soon it will be story time for the younger ones. Hopefully hubby and I will have some time together, then I'll read before bed.


  1. I love the Bible journal idea!

  2. What a great post! I love seeing how other families (espcially homeschoolers!) spend their days. :)

    I had to smile when you said you didn't get much done in the morning... it sounded like a lot to me! :)