Thursday, May 7, 2009

A few pics from a homeschooling day..

Here I am reading The Memory Bible to the younger ones.  I've been reading The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Myers to the older boys.  What an awesome book about our thought life!

Christian goes through phases where he will be totally "into" a subject.  He will talk about his new interest for days, weeks, sometimes months!  He will learn all he can about a subject and talk about it to anyone who will listen.  Right now he is learning about Legos.  We have this great book called The Ultimate DK Lego Book.  He read a few pages to me today.
Charles is studying biology this year.  He gets together once a week to do experiments with 2  of his friends.  Today he started a 3 day experiment on osmosis at home.
Here Sophie drawing a picture while I'm teaching Christian.
We have the keyboard set up in the livingroom and throughout the day all my kids take turns playing it.
Andrew is graduating in one month!  He has figured out how many pages in each subject he needs to do to finish up school.  In this pic he's reading his Physics textbook.

In the afternoon, I cut the dog's hair and the kids gave her a bath.  Then Hubby took the older boys fishing-something they've been doing a lot lately.


  1. I love peeking into your day and congratulations on your graduate too! :)

  2. I love seeing pics of school days. I notice the piano has no music. Are the kids playing by ear or do they follow music most of the time. Peter took piano lessons last fall but they were just too much for him when he was going to school. Now that Im homeschooling him Im planning on giving him piano lessons next fall. It's a lot of discipline and I give a big high five to your kids for playing every day! Way to go.

  3. My husband taught himself to play piano by ear and he lead worship at church for 12years playing piano and guitar. Isaiah(12) plays by ear, but he took piano lessons for a year. Andrew taught himself to read music. The rest of the kids play by ear but I hope they also learn to read music.

  4. I love when you do these posts!

    We love DK books... I didn't know there was a Lego one, but I guess I'm not surprised! :)