Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2nd Day of School

We aren't "officially" starting until next week, but yesterday and today I did a short KONOS lesson with Christian and Sophie. (We will start Time 4 learning next week.) The character trait we are starting with is attentiveness. So far, we talked about what attentiveness is, and we made a list of reasons why we should pay attention. I also had them come up with a list of things that might distract them while studying. This was good because Christian immediately said, "oh, like when I start thinking about something else like Planet Heroes?" Christian gets distracted very easily. When he is "into" something, he will talk about it all the time and I constantly have to remind him to focus on what we are studying. So, this was good to talk about as we are starting the new school year.

Some other things we did were:
Bible-read the story of Mary and Martha and talked about what each one was attentive to
Science/art-the kids drew a picture of the ear and label the parts
Science-did a short experiment about sound waves using water
Science-read the book The Sense of Hearing by Mari Schuh
Language-had Christian look up the word Cochlea in the dictionary
fun-played electronic games like Simon Says where they had to repeat a pattern of sounds given

I have to say that Christian is not very excited about KONOS...yet. He has an extremely hard time with change. Even if I know he will love something, he will fight me on it just because it's new and he thinks he won't like it-then he usually ends up liking it. This happened when we started Time 4 Learning last year. I knew it would be perfect for him, but it took about 3 weeks before he admitted he liked it. This year, Time 4 learning is all he wants to do for school!

Sophie, on the other hand, loves KONOS so far. She is answering most of the questions! I knew this would be the case. Last year, she would often listen in while I was teaching Christian. Sometimes I didn't even know she was listening. I would ask Christian a question and she would pipe up with the answer!


  1. Wow - KONOS sounds great! I have heard of it lots of times around the web, but haven't heard many specifics about it. Looks like something we might enjoy.
    I hope Christian adapts quickly and loves it as much as you and Sophie! :)

  2. Cracks me up when the little ones are unknowingly listening in and answer the questions! Keeps the older ones on their toes! Ha!