Monday, November 21, 2011

Tuesday 11/22/11

-More reading about The THX company on Wikipedia
Reading-The PIXAR Touch, The Making of a Company by David A. Price
Science-C asked me if toads hibernate-he thought so, but wasn't sure, so we looked at a couple websites.
Music-piano practice
Played his song that he wrote
Listened to Beethoven on Grooveshark website-C remarked about how he was familiar with Fur Elise

Math-S and I played Dominos. She insisted on keeping score and she learned how to do double-digit addition (something she wouldn't have learned for another 3 months in her math workbook)
Silent Reading-Wash Your Hands, Anne and Snowball and the Prettiest House by Cynthia Rylant, Henry and Mudge and the Best Day of All by Cynthia Rylant
Sophie read to Daddy-Mr. Putter and Tabby Fly the Plane by Cynthia Rylant
Mom read-Thanksgiving at the Tappletons' by Eileen Spinelli and Cranberry Thanksgiving bye
Geography-Cranberry Thanksgiving story took place in New England. Talked about how we live in New England. Later while playing the states game I pointed out the New England states.
Critical Thinking-Usborne Puzzle Town

Book on CD-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Misc-S and C played a silly game of I Spy with daddy for at least an hour
Geograpghy-played "The Scrambled States of America" game
Looked at a North America map to see how far Alaska is
Read-Aloud-The Year of Miss Agnes
had a good conversation during read-aloud. Miss Agnes thinks that learning never ends and that adult are learning all the time. Christian said, "well, I'll learn in college". I told him how I'm learning new things all the time. Both kids wanted to know what I'm learning. I told them how I've learned new zumba dances recently, how I learned how to crochet a dishcloth, and that I've learned things about the Holy Spirit through a Bible study I'm doing on the book of Acts.

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