Saturday, January 26, 2013

weekly wrap up January 21-26

This week Sophie worked on a space lapbook. She read Sky Watch Planets and The Planets by Gail Gibbons. Christian and I read about reproduction, heredity and genetics in the book What Your 6th Grader Needs to Know. On Friday we went to Wildlife Encounters and  saw some amazing animals!
It was so cool to see a Wallaby up close!

an Arctic fox

Christian read two chapters in The Mystery of History Vol. 1 and took and end of the semester quiz.

Sophie was so excited to learn how to multiply this week! She learned on Khan Academy-a free educational website that has math and science lessons. She also did workbook pages in Math Lessons for a Living Education.  She counted money, reviewed even/odd, and added double-digit numbers.
Christian did 2 lessons from Life of Fred Fractions, some fractions worksheets (for extra practice) and I alternate days using LOF and khanacadamy. He reviewed multiplying fractions, turning mixed fractions to improper fractions and turning improper fractions to mixed numbers.

Language Arts
Using All Things Fun and Fascinating Writing Lessons in Structure and Style (IEW), Christian wrote a paragraph on the swiftlet's edible nest and started one on bees. He complained a little and said he misses writing narrations-something we've done a lot of in the past.  Sophie, on the other hand, begged me to do IEW with her. Maybe I will help her with that next week.

Christian is very specific about what he likes to read, so I was very happy that he found a book he enjoyed so much he read it during his free time. The book is Super Mario How Nintendo Conquered America by Jeff Ryan.

Sophie did pages in Learning Language Arts though Literature.  She copied a paragraph from A Cricket in Times Square and drew a picture to go with it. She also copied a few space facts each day for her space lapook.

Sophie read 3 of the Molly books in the American Girl series, and she started Meet Addy.

Sonlight Read-Alouds
I had Christian join us for our read-aloud time this week and I'm so glad I did! He is 12 and I stopped including him last year when he complained about it.  He didn't say so, but I know he enjoyed it! The Apprentice by Pilar Monlina Llorente is great read-aloud! I love using Sonlight because I don't have to find good children's literature on my own. Even if you don't use the Teachers Guide you can just use the catalog for a great list of books. You can find most of them at the library.

Christian has gotten back into making homemade movies! He has also been blogging and making youtube videos.

Sophie got a book called Easy Animal Origami at the library. It is very easy, I only had to help her once or twice!

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  1. It looks like y'all had a great week! I just found out about Khan Academy today and I've been checking it out to use in our homeschool. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :)

  2. Great week of learning and fun! The picture at the top of your post with the pretty sunshine is such a breath of fresh air from all of the snow and cold climate pictures everywhere (even in my part of the country). I love the wildlife exhibit, we did an aquarium recently...nothing like seeing God's creativity up close and in person.

    God bless you and your blog. Thanks for the link to Khan Academy.