Friday, August 31, 2007

A wonderful day

We had such a nice day yesterday! We stayed home all day -I look forward to days where I don't have to go anywhere. The boys stayed busy with creative activities thought the day -writing stories, building with legos, playing board games and drawing.

In the afternoon we took a nice family walk up the logging trail again, something we've been doing more often. It's so beautiful and peaceful out there. We take Paige with us, and she does very well without a leach. There is a nice clearing part way up the trail and dh and the boys played Frizbee together and with Paige. We also found a baby snake and a salamander.

When we got back, there was a porcupine in our yard. Andrew got out his camcorder and got some video. It just sat still then ate some grass and let us watch him for a while. We have a family of them here. One night we watched them all climb a tree.

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