Friday, September 14, 2007

Homeschooling day 10

It is a beautiful day and I felt like doing something different today. I go a little stir crazy when everyday is the same. Isaiah was up early so we read a chapter of "Charlotte's Web".

After breakfast I asked the kids who wanted to play a game of Blurt. It's a word game where one person reads a definition and the other players try to "blurt" out the correct word. Isaiah and Charles wanted to play. Andrew had downloaded some new music, so he wanted to just listen to that instead. Sophie and Christian watched a Learning with Pooh DVD, which Christian insisted was part of his school.

After our game, Charles and I sat outside on the deck and read from the book "The Bronze Bow". Andrew did his history on the computer and Isaiah worked on a story he is writing. The two younger kids played with Duplo Legos together.

Next, Christian and I sat at the dining room table to do school. Sophie sat on my lap most of the time listening. She really surprised me when we were doing his language lesson. I was reviewing what a noun is and I said, "A noun is a..." and Sophie says, " person, place, thing or idea." I guess she's been listening the past few days while she was coloring! She went on to participate in the rest of the lesson.

Christian did all his schoolwork. The other kids have been playing outside on this gorgeous fall day. I'm pretty much giving them the day off since we did school on labor day :) .

 Yoga with Sophie!

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