Thursday, September 13, 2007

homeschooling day 9

We are almost at the end of our second week, and the days seem to be flowing much better. Christian did his school this morning with no problems. He seems very proud of himself, and he likes checking off his assignments after he does them.

I decided I'm going to use Math-U-See for Christian instead of Miquon Math. For one thing, Christian doesn't like change, and he wants to continue with the Math-U-See. Plus I've used MUS for 11 years now and all the kids have done really well with it. So, today we reviewed a lesson from last year.

Today the boys' good friend, J, came to visit for the afternoon. They played music together (they always get the instruments out when they're together) but they spent most of the time outside playing baseball.
LA-Everyday English
Science-Quiz 2
Bible-Thinking Like a Chirstian Ch.1
piano practice
Play practice

Math Pg. 5D
TLP-comp. questions, spelling D, Grammar D
History-Lesson 1
Bible-Thinking Like a Christian Ch. 1

Math-Pg. 1D
Reading "Hank the Cowdog"
Cursive writing
Bible-AWANA handbook
Creative writing-story starter from TLP

Math-MUS Primmer pg. 29A subtraction
Explode the Code-Pg.84
Handwriting-Pg 42
Bible-Read together Bible "Now I see"
Reading-Henry and Mudge ch. 2
Language Lesson 9 , picture narration
Science-Usborne Body book +website on the brain

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