Monday, September 24, 2007

Homeschooling Day 15

Today was a full day. We started school at 9:00 and went till about 2:00. The kids also did some painting and made homemade stickers. In the afternoon Andrew went to his first Lincoln Douglass Debate class (LD).

Three years ago he took Team Policy Debate and he liked it. He was more interested in speech, so for the last 2 years he's only competed only in speech. But this year he's going to compete in LD debate and speech. A friend who lives down the street wants to pick him up for the class every week-a major blessing for me.

Hubby suggested that we go to M. Village to fly Charles' plane and just to get out and enjoy the day. It was a very relaxing time and I got some great pictures.You can see that Christian has a sling on his arm. Unfortunetly, he may have fractured his elbow. He goes back to the doctor tomorrow. Poor guy, but he's handling it amazingly, he doesn't complain at all.

Radio Theater homework
Debate homework
guitar practice
Play Practice

TLP-Unit 3 Vocab A, Spelling A, Grammar A (dictation)
Math-Pg. 6F
History-Lesson 5

TLP-Unit 3 Vocab. A, Spelling A, Grammar A (copywork)
Math Pg. 1F
Cursive writing
Play practice

Math Pg. 29D
Science-Usborne Human Body Encyclopedia--taste and Smell
Reading-Fox and His Friends by Edward Marshall
Phonics-Explode the code Pg. 84
Language lesson 10 (andrew did it with him)
creative writing-new story he's working on
Starfall worksheet


  1. Hi Linda,
    My oldest son has used SOS for years. He likes the Science, history and Language. He used the Math one year and neither of us liked it. I would suggest if you like the math you've been using, then maybe you should stick with it. Your son could use some fun computer games that will help him with his math facts.
    God Bless!

  2. It sounds like you had a great day. :) I was in speech in high school, large and small group, and I thought it was awesome. I'm hoping my kids can get involved with that in junior high or high school too.