Thursday, September 20, 2007

Homeschooling Day14

Today Andrew and Isaiah went to speech Class. Andrew has been doing Speech/debate for 4 years now and this year he is going to be helping teach the class. In class they learn about the different speeches, practice speeches and get and give feedback with their classmates. In the winter and spring they compete and sometimes go to regional and National tournaments. Andrew was able to go to the National tournament in Texas this past June.

I'm so excited for Isaiah. He is taking the class for the first time, but he wont be able to compete until next year when he is 12. This will give him a chance to get used to giving speeches.

I took the younger kids to Homeschool Hangout today where they play soccer, baseball, gaga or whatever the kids feel like playing that day. Sophie has some girlfriends who are her age there that she loves to play with.

Language-Literary English
Science-Quiz 3
History-Aqinas and Aristotle
Speech Club
Reading-Blink by Ted Dekker

Math-Pg. 6D
TLP-Spelling D, Dictation
History-Lesson 4
Bible-1 Kinbgs Ch. 11 + world view book

Speech homework w/Andrew
Speech Club

Phys. Ed-Homeschool hangout

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