Tuesday, September 11, 2007

homeschooling day 7

It's the 4th rainy day in a row and everyone is going a little stir crazy. Christian and Sophie just want to run around. I finally got them interested with duplo Legos and they played with those for a long while-till they decided to throw them all over the house :)

School did take longer again today. It's hard getting back into it after having the summer off. As soon as we have a nice day I'm going to take the kids on a mini field trip.

We converted our office into a library/study. It's great because it's right off the living room and it has a glass door that I can easily see what else is going on. It has two school desks, a large stuffed chair and lots of bookcases. I've been working with the kids individually in there and it's working out well. We moved our large computer desk to an alcove off the living room. Better for monitoring children on the internet :)

Sophie and I did a DVD workout today. It's called Praise moves and it incorporates scripture with Yoga. It's the first time I've done it, and Sophie did it right along with me. She was so cute! I felt really good afterwards.

LA-quiz 1
Science-quiz 1
History-quiz 1 government
Reading-"Bink" by Ted Dekker
Bible-The Message Bible
Guitar& Keyboard practice

Math-Pg. 3F
TLP-vocab B, Spelling B, Dictation B, & Comp. questions
Reading-"Mattamao" by Brian Jacques
Bible-II Kings (2 chapters)

Math-Pg. 1C
TLP-Vocab B, Spelling B, Copywork (finished A)
Reading-"Hank the Cowdog"
Bible: AWANA handbook

Christian has not done his school yet. He did get his math and handwriting in the mail today. After dinner I'm going to sit down and help him.