Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A great day! Homeschooling day 8

Today has been a great day! Christian did all his school assignments before noon and he did them cheerfully! The other boys also finished their school work early.

I wondered how things were going to be this year with Sophie not napping anymore. I've been pleasantly surprised that she's learning to play more contentedly by herself. While I was helping Christian, she colored quietly next to us.

It was a gorgeous fall day today! The older boys and I played baseball. When I was growing up, I was a tomboy and I loved to play baseball.
God knew that I'd have 4 boys!

History-Presidential Governments
Piano practice
Duo Speech practice
Writing-worked on musical he's writing for a contest
Bible-Thinking like a Christian Ch. 1

TLP-dictation 1c, vocab 1c, and spelling1C
Bible-Thinking like a Christian Ch. 1

TLP-vocab 1c, spelling 1c, Grammar 1c
History-Jubal and Tubal-cain
Cursive writing
Bible-AWANA handbook
Reading-"Hank the cowdog"

Language Arts:
Starfall worksheet "or" words
Language lesson 8
Reading-"Henry and Mudge and the Sneaky Crackers"
Math:addition, making 10 review
Bible: " Read together Bible"-The wind and the waves
Science: "Usborne First Encyclopedia of the Human Body" pg.4-5 also looked at website link and played body game

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