Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Our 3rd school day

Today was somewhat chaotic. We installed Andrew's switched on schoolhouse subjects-that took some time. Two of the kids started math today and were constantly coming to me for help because they had forgotten things over the summer. But overall it was a good day.

The weather was very fall-like (my favorite type of weather) and we spent a good amount of time outside. Charles and Isaiah's Total Language Plus curriculum came in the mail, but one of them was the wrong book. So, I guess I have to send it back and wait for the right one to come. We should be getting a package in the mail tomorrow with the rest of our books.

In the evening Isaiah and Andrew went to play practice and I took the younger two kids to the Library. I started reading " The House at Pooh Corner" by A.A. Milne to Sophie and Christian. Christian read a Bob the builder book called "spud the Dragon".


  1. Heya Sweetie!!

    Woo hoo! Congrats on your second big blog-chievement! =) Seriously, I'm so impressed how you dove in and figured all this out (things that have always been 'my sorta thing' and now you're showing me up! Way to go! =)

    Love you lots and lots as you know honey, and keep up the great work on the blogs. This new one looks great! You're so smart! Well done! I love the pictures of our peaceful and very blessed kids.

    (PS> I had to sign in to post this comment. It says: "This blog does not allow anynymous comments." perhaps you should change that so any visitor can post a comment?)

  2. Thank you, Honey, for the nice message. I changed the setting so that anyone can post now. Love you always!

  3. Hi Nichole,
    Glad you stopped by! Our first week was very laid back because it's hard to just jump into a full school week after having the summer off. Plus, many of our books hadn't arrived in the mail yet. I did get another package today.

    Generally, we do school everyday. But we'll occasionally take field trips just like schools do. And we don't take snow days off (or some of the smaller holidays) so we can take a day off here or there just because we feel like it.