Thursday, January 24, 2008

a day in the life of a busy homeschooling family

Sophie and I woke up at 7:00am and I helped Sophie get dressed and get her breakfast. Christian woke up soon after and wanted to get started right away on school. Now, most days it takes me having to get his book out and sit down with him to get started, but today he had plans and wanted to get school out of the way. He got his Math out on his own and did that right away. Next he did the first page of his new Explode the Code book 8.

This morning I wanted to get on the computer first thing. Not always a good idea, but I wanted to check out some of my friends blogs, and I looked at homeschool library message boards. I spent about a half an hour and Sophie sat on my lap feeding her dolls. When I was finished I let her play a Jumpstart Preschool CD. She has recently learned how to use the mouse.

While Sophie was on the computer and Christian was working on his school, I unloaded the dishwasher and made French Toast for the boys. The older three boys got up around 8:15 and ate breakfast, cleaned up the breakfast Island, then brushed their teeth and washed up. Sophie and I cleaned up the rest of the kitchen.

Then the three older boys and I had our Bible study and Sophie played with math blocks. Christian is usually drawing or playing at this time, but since he wanted to get school done early, he went off and silently read his "More Busy Times" reader. We have a short prayer time after bible and Sophie joined us-she loves to pray.

Next the boys did math. The two older boys had DVD lesson (there is one a week) one son used the computer and the other used the DVD player in the living room. Isaiah worked on his math worksheet at the dining room table. Sophie wanted to paint, so I got her set up with paints.

Then I helped Christian with his Language lessons. We did two lessons today, the first one was a picture narration. The second lesson reviewed the definitions and examples of common and proper nouns, verbs and pronouns. After Sophie got tired of painting, she sat on my lap and played with math blocks until she got too restless and started throwing blocks. At that point I had her lay in her bed with a bottle ( yes, she still has a bottle at nap time) she didn't stay down for long, though.

Charles and Isaiah worked on their Total Language Plus workbooks from about 11:00 till noon. Andrew did his Switched on Schoolhouse Language on the computer. During that time I read a science book to Christian and Sophie. Christian finished his school, so I let him and Sophie watch a movie called Pixar Short films that we had rented. I swept the hardwood floors and helped Isaiah and Charles here and there as they needed me.

At noon we all had lunch and took an hour break. Then the older boys did jobs while I took a shower and fixed my hair. I usually do this first thing, another reason I shouldn't use the computer in the morning :). Next Andrew and I went to the dump. I'm going to be busy on Saturday, so I had to do it today. Charles and Isaiah read their history books while we were gone, and Christian played with Legos and Rokenbok.

As soon as I got back everyone piled in the car and we went to Homeschool hang out. The kids all have friends there. The older boys had snowball fiights with friends, Sophie and Christian played with quiet toys with their friends, and I got to visit with the other moms.

As soon as I got home I put the chicken and potatoes in the oven. Isaiah read a book ( I'm so proud of him, he's been reading so much lately!) Then everyone hung out with daddy. We will have dinner soon then more family time. Andrew will have to do more schoolwork tonight. I wanted to science with Isaiah tonight but I'm just too tired, we'll do it tomorrow.

Soon I will post about a day when we don't go out in the afternoon.


  1. Thanks for sharing your day. It soumds like you have it worked out pretty well. Can I hire you to come to my house?

  2. You're too funny, Kysha! We have our good days and bad days. This happened to be a pretty good day, although I like days we are home all day the best.

  3. Hey, I just discovered a way to put my sig on my posts from

    You get the HTML code and paste it to post template under "formatting" and it will automatically show with every post. How cool is that! I'm teaching myself this stuff. I'm trying to catch up to the 2000's. I'm sooooo behind the times so I am amazed by all of this tech stuff.

  4. Oh, I love this music! My oldest is going to Winterfest in two weeks. I think one or two of those artists will be there.