Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What's been happening around here...

Andrew has been going to the local high school the last two mornings. One of the music teachers there is helping him with the songs he wrote for his musical. The auditions were last week and he cast all the parts for his musical. They start practicing tomorrow.

Charles has been playing drums again. He's played drums since he was very young and took lessons for years. He kind of took a break from it for a while. It's nice to see him picking it up again. He's also been fiddling around with the keyboard. Since we've brought it out into the living room everyone plays it more. Charles has also been drawing more lately.

Isaiah has been into reading! My oldest two boys are avid readers, but Isaiah usually only reads when he has to. It is actually rare for him to finish a book, he would loose interest about halfway through. He recently read "The Magician's nephew" by C.S. Lewis and he wants to read the rest of the series. I'm having him read "Mr. Poppers penguins" and he's really enjoying it- he's even been reading ahead!

Sophie and Christian have been playing together often. I brought out our large baby gate and set it up off the living room so that they can keep their toys out and our dog, Paige, doesn't get them.

Hubby has been doing some fun things with the kids like playing instruments, flying Airhogs airplanes, having ping pong matches, teaching Sophie letters, and suggesting movies to watch together. Last night we watched Pixar's Ratatouille.

I, unfortunately, haven't been feeling very well lately. The kids have been helping me cook dinners which has been very helpful. They've also been making some yummy deserts. I've been laying on the couch a lot and just forcing myself to do things that I need to do.

Isaiah and I finished "Treasures of the Snow" by Patricia M. St. John. I'm going to find more of her books, she's an excellent author. Isaiah was very upset that it was over, and said there should have been a sequel.

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