Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A blessing today

Today Andrew got a "thinking of you" card in the mail from an amazing elderly lady. She had read in the paper about his acting award and she wanted to congratulate him and encourage him. She also included $20. She has not seen him in probably eight years.

We knew her from a church that we attended when we were first married, and my hubby led worship there for 12 years. She was such a blessing to me as a young married woman ( I was just 19). She truly lived the Bible mandate found in Titus 2:4.

Sending that card to my son today brought me many good feelings and memories. I remember sitting at her table having tea and delicious goodies that she had made. She gave me great advice on how to be a good wife and mother. She taught me how to make braided bread, and apple pies, and spaghetti sauce, and she was always sharing different homemaking tips with me. She was such a good influence in my life.

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