Monday, April 28, 2008

Sophie's first story

Sophie often watches Christian write stories and today she wanted to write one. She drew some pictures and I wrote down the story and she told it to me. She begged me to post it on my blog.
Here is her story:

written by Sophie age 2

There was a baby named Sophie. She was very scared of a lion. Mommy was next to the baby and she was protecting her. The Daddy was nice to the mommy and the baby. The baby was scared and the Daddy protected the baby.

The baby was really scared of another lion and she said, "Go away lion, go away!" There were kids next to the mommy and daddy. There was a boy named Charles and he was very close to the kids.

There was a mommy named Sophie and she was very nice to the horses. She was going to the zoo and found the horses.

The End


  1. How sweet! I really enjoyed reading her story. Way to go, Sophie!

  2. What a great story! I loved it!