Wednesday, May 28, 2008

End of the year schedule

I found that our loose routine wasn't working anymore so I posted a schedule that we've been following more closely. My 7 and 11 yo both work better with a schedule.

I wake and have quiet time


  • Kids wake up, have breakfast, do morning routine. and morning jobs
  • Charles/breakfast clean-up & sweep kitchen
  • Andrew scoop (or change) kitty litter, sweep bathroom & feed cats
  • Isaiah/unload dishwasher & feed and water dog.
  • I shower and start laundry
  • I help christian and Sophie with morning routine
  • Older boys read bible
  • I bring Sophie (3) and christian (7) upstairs or in the playroom and read The Memory Bible and The 21 rules of this house.
  • Then I help christian with math and reading while Sophie quietly plays next to me.
  • Andrew(16) and Charles(14) know what to do and get to work to work on school.
  • Isaiah (11) does Calculadders (math speed drills), Grammar, cursive writing, and assigned reading.
  • I work with Christian on Five in a Row unit study.
  • Isaiah spends 30 playing w/Sophie outside

  • I work with Isaiah on his Beyond Five in a Row unit study
  • Charles and Andrew each spend 30 min playing with Sophie & Christian outside
  • Lunch
  • My computer time :)
  • Sophie and Christian watch movies
  • Boys have free time (they usually play keyboard or guitar or go outside)

  • Cleaning time for me and the older boys -click here to get an idea of what we do
  • Sophie and christian help me some, then they can play educational computer games
  • older boys finish up any schoolwork they have left to do
  • Free time for everyone
  • I spend time with sophie and christian (drawing,painting, playdough, or crafts)
  • nature walks or just being outside
  • computer time for 3 older boys
  • dinner prep (I just started having the kids rotate being my kitchen helper each day-it's wonderful!)
I don't schedule the evening.

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