Monday, December 1, 2008

Daybook 12/1/08

FOR TODAY: December 1, 2008
Outside my is warm for December (50 degrees), and rainy.
I am thinking...about advent. We started an advent treasure hunt calendar today. I learned about it from Amy's blog.
I am thankful kids desire to love and serve God.
From the learning rooms...In our A Cricket in Times Square unit we are learning about: Italy, opera, mythology/Orpheus, Germs-Bacteria and Viruses
From the kitchen...I made homemade split pea and ham soup. Andrew helped me make some yummy rolls to have with it.
I am pants with a gray sweater
I am creating...basket liners with pockets for some dollar store bins I have. I got the idea here.
I am keep working on re-establishing my morning and before bed routines.
I am reading... The Fellowship of the Ring by Tolkien, and Keeping Holiday by Starr Meade (read-aloud)
I am save more money on my weekly grocery bill. I've not been good at this lately.
I am son play a song from a musical he is writing.
Around the house...I am getting back into my morning and before bed routines.
One of my favorite playing guitar and singing with my hubby and/or kids.
A few plans for the rest of the week: The boys have their first basketball game, The kids are having friends over, doc appointment.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...
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  1. We just finished watching the complete trilogy of the Fellowship of the Ring on DV. There were 8 hours to be viewed but the kids and hubby loved it. I read the books years ago and didnt manage to find the time to sit through all the movies but hubby says it was really good.

    Those baskets your making sound wonderful. I love baskets!