Friday, April 10, 2009

Today's workboxes

We are doing something new in our homeschool. I've recently found Sue Patrick's Workbox system and I'm loving it! The kids love it, too. Check out my first workbox System post here.
Isaiah (age 12)
Box 1 Bible & Journal
Box 2 Math-U-See Pg. 13 D
Box 3 cursive writing
30 min. Free Time
Box 4 Sequential Spelling
Box 5 Easy Grammar Plus Pg. Pg.93
Box 6 History-The Great Little Madison by Jean Fritz (Mom read-aloud)
30 min. Free Time
Box 7 Usborne Science Encyclopedia & websites
Box 8 Caluladders-multiplication speed drills
Box 9 Reading (25 min.)
Finished School & computer time

Christian (age 8)
Box 1 Bible (with mom)
Box 2 Silent Reading More New Friends (Pathway)
Box 3 Math-U-See Pg. 35 C
30 min. Free Time (outside)
Box 4 Grammar Pg. 193-alphabetical order
Box 5 cursive writing
Box 6 Science-The Life Cycle of a Lion (with CD)
30 min. free time (computer)
Box 7 History-Getting to Know the U.S. Presenents -James Madison by Mike Venezia (mom read-aloud)
Box 8 Spelling Pg. 321 homophones
Box 9 Muzzy Spanish Video
Finished School & computer time


  1. I love your workbox system looks like your off to a great start!! Aghhhh nothing like being organized!

  2. That looks great! I wish I were a bit more organized to make lists. Right now, I seem to just gather things the night before or even that morning for our workboxes.

    Thank you for including my blog among your favorites. What a blessing to me!

    Laura @ The World is Our Classroom

  3. I came across your blog while doing a search for workboxes - I've just started hearing about them, and am thinking they might be good for our family -I'm not very organized, tho', so it might be iffy. But your post helped me to see how it might work for my kids, as they are close to the same ages as yours. Thanks for sharing.