Wednesday, April 8, 2009

workboxes and pics

Sophie and Christian coloring Easter eggs
Chrsitian bought Sophie a Webkinz horse just because he wanted to bless her.
Andrew getting ready for the Homeschool Prom. This is his second year going and he had a blast!
Our Workbox System area that I talked about in my last post. I've included Sophie now.


  1. Are they coloring eggs? Oh crumb,I completely forgot about coloring eggs. OH MY WORD how does one forget that?!

    So you are enjoying the workbox system? I looked at it but am not sure I could pull it off. Hmmm...then again I might come up with a way.

  2. Looks Great super organized~ When you have several kids to homeschool it is so helpful to have something like this in place. We are organized but in a different way. I am going to read about this though it looks interesting ~Good Job :-)

  3. I'm sooo glad I found you! I'm a mom to 5 too. I did a podcast with Donna Otto, my mentor and the founder of a ministry i've been involved with for 15 years, homemskers by Choice. She asked me to talk about home schooling and I put a book list and resource list on the website. i also included my favorite blogs, and put yours there! Hope that's okay.

    I know you bless so many. Hope your Easter is Holy and wonderful. Blessings.
    Susan T

  4. Your Workbox System looks wonderful! I'm so glad to see all the various ways to set them up.


    P.S. I wrote about my Pay it Forward today :) I have been working on my handmade goodies to mail out.