Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Workbox System

A few days ago I read a post about The Workbox System by Sue Patrick on Mrs. Cuddles blog. It looked so cool that I purchased the the EBook, read it, and got started right away!

I am using the workboxes with 2 of my students, my 8yo and 12 yo, and I'm going to set up one for my preschooler soon. I put a metal shelving unit (that I already had) in the kitchen where much of our schooling happens. For Christian I set up boxes with out lids and for Isaiah I have boxes with drawers. The boxes are numbered and each child has a list of what to do each day. They take down the first box do what's in that box then put it away. They go through the boxes (with some breaks in between) until they are finished with school. I haven't implemented everything from Sue Patrick's book (I haven't even finished reading the book :) but it's amazing how well it works.

Isaiah LOVES this new system! In the past he has had some difficulty staying on task with his studies and very often needs me to sit with him and help him. With this system he knows exactly what to do and he puts his books away after every subject (something I always had to remind him to do before). Christian also likes this new way of homeschooling. I wanted to post a picture, but my hubby has the camera -I will post one very soon. Here is what my kids did on the first day:

Christian (age 8)

Box 1 cursive writing book
Box 2 More New Friends (Pathway reader)
Box 3 Helping verbs worksheet
30 min. snack and break
Box 4 Bible (with mom)
Box 5 Math-U-See
Box 6 spelling game (with mom)
30 min. play outside
Box 7 money game
Box 8 Bible (with mom)
Box 9 History Stories (with mom)
30 min. computer time

Isaiah (age 12)
Box 1 Bible and Journal
Box 2 Grammar worksheet
Box 3 Math-U-See
30 min. snack and break
Box 4 Research and Notebooking
30 min Free Time
Box 5 Cursive writing (still needs practice with this)
Box 6 Spelling (with Dad)
Box 7 Book for 1/2 hr. silent reading
30 min. computer time


  1. Glad to see you jumped on board! Your boxes sound like fun and I can't wait to see your picture.

    Have a great Workbox Week!

  2. I have been reading about this on another blog and love getting your take on it. Very interesting! Definitely something I could see us implementing at some point!

  3. I have been interested in this too.

    Do you have pictures of the older boys workboxes? Just wondering how they look.

    I guess I should go buy the book because I am having a hard time seeing a box for each subject.
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Linda,
    I keep my 12 yo's subjects in numbered stackable drawers.
    I highly recommend getting the book. My kids love using this system. You can use it with any curriculum.

  5. I just got and read the book yesterday. Can I ask how you plan to let your preschooler know what to do with the independent materials in his boxes without writing him/her a note? I'm going to start this with my 11-year-old soon, but can't figure out how to do it with my 5-year-old without a lot of, "Mom, what do I do with this stuff?"