Sunday, December 27, 2009

Reading Chapter Books

I am so excited! Christian is reading chapter books! For Christmas, we bought him a Garfield chapter book and "UP" based on the new movie. Today he started reading both of them! He's always been a reader (he taught himself to read at age 4) and he reads everyday, but he reads picture books and he always reads aloud (usually to Sophie). Now he's reading chapter books silently! We also had a discussion about how the book is usually better than the movie after he pointed out a couple things that made more sense to him after reading it. Yay!


  1. Hope he has a new love for Chapter Books. My son loves them.

  2. Wonderful! My oldest daughter is a reader and my youngest daughter is a reader, my middle daughter is a lot like her father and they don't care for it. Me- I could read a book cover to cover in one day. I have to make myself put it down!