Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Homeschooling Through High School

I'd like to encourage those of you with younger kids who would like to homeschool through high school that you can do it! I've met a number of homeschoolers who are a little nervous about the high school years. Our kids have always been homeschooled. Our oldest son graduated last year and our second son will graduate next year. If I can do it successfully, anyone can!

I didn't go to college and I didn't even become interested in school until my Junior year of high school! When my husband and were first married, we knew of 2 families who had homeschooled their kids all the way through high school and thier kids had gone off to college. We were impressed with these well adjusted young adults.

My husband was the one who wanted us to homeschool even before we had kids, but I didn't think I could do it. But when my oldest was ready for preschool a homeschooling family moved in next door and they encouraged me. I loved teaching my children at home! For us, continuing through high school just came naturally.

It's been amazing how God works out opportunities for my kids at the right time in their life. When like when my oldest son Andrew was in 7th grade I found out about a speech and debate club and I told him he had to sign up for one or the other because I knew he'd be good at it. He enjoyed debate that year and went on to compete in speech and debate tournaments, even at the national level, all through high school. At that same time he began going to a small writers group that he still meets with regularly- 6 years later! Writing, pubic speaking, and theater are his passions and he'll be going to college this fall and majoring in communications.

My second son Charles has always enjoyed being outdoors, building and working with his hands. Last year he had the opportunity to work on a farm which he enjoyed very much and starting next month he'll be working with a carpenter building a barn. I have a feeling that my 3rd son will end up doing something with computers.

You never know what opportunities will arise! A homeschool co-op started in our area last year. They offer some high school classes that have been great for Charles. Also Charles' friend's grandmother is teaching him and his friend Algebra 2 together. This year we also found out about some free online high school courses that our state offers. Charles is taking computer programming and Spanish 1.

I say all this to encourage you not to worry about the high school years. The things that you didn't take or remember from your school years, you can learn right along with your kids or God will provide another way for your teens to learn what they need to.

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  1. Definitely need to hear this now and then. Our oldest is finishing up 7th grade and as each year goes by I think less and less about traditional schools. I love having my kids home.

    Thank you for the encouragement!