Monday, March 22, 2010

Pics from our homeschooling day

Here are some pics from our day:
These are the Character cards that we use, they have a question on the front and a Bible verse answer on the back. I went over these with the kids after prayer time. Then and Sophie and Christian colored and drew picutes while Isaiah and I took turns reading a chapter from the book of John.

Andrew was so nice and painted with Sophie! Sophie drew a picture of a large heart in one of her paintings and said it was God giving a kiss to all the people in the world! :) Christian decided to paint while I was reading to him.

Isaiah is working on Easy Grammar Plus and Charles is doing his online Spanish course. After that Isaiah worked on math and Charles left for his orthodontist app, then to his friend's house to do an Algebra 2 lesson.

After Sophie's bath, I braided her hair. Isn't she the cutest?
Sophie and I playing a Discovery Toy's Phonics game
The boys played a lot of music today, hubby joined them for a while.

Christian showing off his Lego creation.

Here I am (terrible picture) finally getting my lunch at 2:30. I'm asking Isaiah questions about the history chapter he read. After that he typed a summary of the chapter.
Sophie played with math blocks while I worked with Isaiah.
Isaiah practicing drums-he did that a few times today!

Christian using the computer.
Reading The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman (good book!) to Christian as part of his Total Language Plus.

Christian is doing Comprehension questions from The Whipping Boy First we do the questions orally and I write down his answers, then he copies them into his Total Language Plus workbook. Sophie is using her wipe off letters book.
Andrew giving Isaiah a guitar lesson
Reading the Preschooler's Bible to Sophie. I talked to her today about maybe reading The Little House on the Prarie series to her (I already read Little house in the Big Woods to her and Christian). I read the entire series to Andrew and Charles when they were ages 5 and 3. I've been wondering if I should read the series to her now or wait till she's older. What do you think?

Charles doing Building Thinking Skills: Level 3 Figural by The Critical Thinking Co. I've used workbooks by this company on and off throughout the years-I've heard they help with testing.

Playing a Greek and Latin roots game with Isaiah called Rummy Roots.

Sophie and Christian playing Jenga

The boys being helpful and cleaning up after dinner. Then we watched Life on the Discovery channel.


  1. What a wonderful day of learning and I love the casual look of it all but can see there is a ton of love and learning. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love to see what other homeschool families are doing.

  3. Looks like a great day. I too love to see what other homeschoolers do!! I get most my ideas from watching others. Love the character flashcards.

  4. I LOVED peeking into your day. Looks so fun and your daughter is really growing up.

  5. AW! Sophie is SO cute! Looks like a fun, productive day. You gotta love homeschooling...:-)


  6. that was all one day? wow! it seems like a lot. of course, you have a lot of kids each doing several different things throughout the day, so i guess it makes sense...

    hmm, now i am feeling inspired. it would be fun to track our day in pictures one of these days.

  7. Love this post. Great peek inside the life of a homeschool!

    I especially love the music room! Wow!

  8. Thanks everyone! Yes, we did get a lot done, but this was a day that we were home all day.

  9. Mrs. Darling, I guess we do have a lot of instruments!

  10. You have a great looking family! I love running into other homeschooling, blogging families!

    I'm going to 'follow' you! Stop in and see us too if you get the chance!