Friday, January 21, 2011

Our day 1/21/11

7:00-10:00 It was snowing when I woke up and my son Charles was already gone. He works for a landscaping and sealcoating company.  In the winter they plow and shovel.  So, whenever we get a snow storm Charles is gone shoveling. Sophie and I usually wake up at the same time. We spend some time snuggling and reading together. Sometimes I'll let her watch a video while I'll get ready for the day. Today she wanted a video.

When Christian woke up he wanted to get started on his schoolwork right away! Now, this isn't the norm, but on Fridays I can count on him getting school done early because I allow the kids to play video games on Fridays.  First he read today's reading in the Day by Day Kids Bible. Next he read a Chapter out of Dr. Seuss Young Author and Artist.  Both of these books he read aloud to Sophie and I just because he prefers to read out loud and likes other people to enjoy what he's reading about. Sophie drew pictures with markers and cut paper while listening. After that Christian started Teaching Textbooks Math on the computer. 

Since my other boys weren't up yet, I woke them at 8:30. We all had bagels for breakfast, then Andrew  and Isaiah shoveled the stairs and walkway.  They also started and cleaned off the car for me. I left for a 1/2 hour Zumba Class at Curves. Isaiah played with Sophie while I was gone and Christian did pages from the workbooks Word Roots and Building Thinking Skills.  When I got home, Andrew was working on a song he's writing for a musical for a local theater Co.  Friday is the only week-day that Andrew doesn't have classes at the community college.

When I got home Christian told me that he only got one problem wrong in his math lesson. Then  I went over the workbook pages he had done with him. Next, I read a Chapter out of Skeletons in Your Closet: Discovering your Real Family Tree by Gary Parker to Sophie and Christian for science. After that, Christian did copywork from our evening read-aloud.  He cut out the copy work and glued it onto some colored paper, then he drew some illustrations under the copywork.  We also took a few minutes to go over our Character Quality Flashcards which have a question and picture on the front and a scripture verse on the back. Throughout the day Christian wrote in his journal.

I looked up some crock pot recipes online and then threw some ingredients into the crock pot to make BBQ Chicken for dinner tonight. It sure smelled good!  Isaiah  played an online Geography game , then he did his personal Bible Study. Andrew worked out and Sophie joined him downstairs. From what I can tell, she decided to cut more paper because I found cut paper all over the floor!  For lunch we had tostada's with refried beans.

After lunch Andrew and Isaiah cleaned up the kitchen and I did some laundry.  Christian played video games and Sophie wasn't happy because she wanted someone to play outside with her.  I told her she'd have to wait a half hour while Christian played video games. I let her choose between practicing writing her numbers in her wipe off marker book, phonics flashcards or reading. She chose to read Oh the Thinks you can Think! by Dr. Seuss to me. Then Sophie and Christian played outside in the snow for a while. Isaiah worked on his writing homework for his weekly writing class. Then he did a science experiment from his Physical Science textbook.  Andrew went to the library, then to work at Sports Authority for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Charles came home from work and rested for a while. After sweeping the floors, he went to his girlfriends house for a couple hours.  Charles is in his last year of homeschooling, but he does it around his work schedule.  Sophie and I made peanut butter cookies then Sophie went off to play. Christian spent the afternoon building with Legos and playing more video games. Isaiah did some history homework then he played some video games, too. I tried to get some reading and relaxation in for myself, but soon Sophie was back and talked me into reading a storybook to her called Kingdom Parables by Christopher A. Lane. Then I made rice to go with dinner and she went to play Legos with Christian.

After dinner, we spent the rest of the evening watching a history channel show then a science show with Daddy.  The younger kids  played with Legos again before bed. I cleaned up the kitchen and did some more laundry. I read to Isaiah a chapter from a book about Amy Carmichael, a missionary to India. Then I got to do some reading for myself!

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