Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Our day

I woke up late today. Sophie is usually my wake-up alarm and today she didn't wake me up until almost 8. Soon after, the boys came downstairs. Sophie snuggled on my lap while I surfed the web. Then I made blueberry muffins for breakfast. While the muffins were cooking the boys did the dishwasher. I cleaned 2 bathrooms and then got ready for the day.
By the time breakfast was over it was 11:00! I sent all the kids upstairs to do thier morning routine. They made thier beds, brushed and washed up and did thier Bible reading . While they got ready I gave Sophie a bath.
This is Charles' last day of school so he got started right away on his science. This year he used Apologia General Science textbook. Today is finishing the last unit. Grammar was the only other subject he did. Isaiah has math and Language to work on., he'll be ending school this Friday. We've always taken the summers off, so the kids are looking forward to being finished with school.
Andrew is in Texas right now at a National Speech tournament. He'll be gone for 8 days!  He's been calling us in the evenings and he says that things are going well.
After breakfast I played Little People with Sophie. Charles and Christian used the snap circut set to make a circut that played the happy birthday song when a connection is made. Isaiah worked on the story he is writting.
Next I did a thorough cleaning of the kitchen and started tsome homemade bread in my Kitchen Aid. Fred took a break from his work and played with the 2 youngest kids upstairs . THat was a big help for me because both christian and Sophie can be a handful if they are not focused on something.
When Sophie went down for her nap, I did a little of a bible study that I had gotten online. After that I had the kids sit at the Island to do our devotions together while I made an early dinner.
After we ate the older boys got back to thier school work an chrstian made words using his Phonics Writing Desk. I 've been writing this blog entry. Sophie just got up from her nap and is now eating her dinner.

We had a wonderful evening watching old home movies. Some of them were from when my husband and I were dating. Then we played a card game with two of our older sons after the two younger kids were in bed. It was a very nice family time.

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