Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Pics From Our Day

Christian has been getting out his Skippy Jon Jones books again.  This morning he made props and backgrounds. He and Sophie had fun putting on a Skippy Jon Jones puppet show!

                                                                                            I managed to get a picture of the older boys before they headed out for the day. After breakfast, Charles left for his homeschool co-op classes and Andrew had college classes.  
 Christian working on a page from Building Thinking Skills by the Critical Thinking Co. Sophie is cutting out a booklet for her human body lapbook.
 After her schoolwork was done, Sophie got out the marbleworks.
 Christian doing a page from Word Roots a workbook from the Critical Thinking Co.

Christian helping Sophie memorize her verses for AWANA. Tonight is award night and the kids are very excited!

 Isaiah doing an experiment from his physical science textbook.
 Isaiah and Sophie and reading a story that Christian wrote using Storybook Weaver.

 Playing outside. It was almost 60 degrees today.! Nice!
A section of Sophie and Christian's human body lapbooks. 

Christian and Sophie watched Veggie Tales:How to Draw Bob and Larry. Here they are showing off one of their drawings.
Isaiah doing research on the Renaissance.


  1. Hi there! I am following you now!

    It's nice to see other people's day. Maybe I'll do the same type of post someday.

    Good to meet you.


  2. Check out Isaiah's hair! My Dylan had hair like that until I few months ago when he suddenly chopped it all off!

  3. I know! For a long time I couldn't stand his hair! I just wanted to cut it! Now, I kind of like it! I bought a hair straightener for myslef recently and I've straightened his hair a few times! lol! He has talked of cutting it all off recently. I'm just waiting till he's ready.

  4. Oh no way! He let you straighten it?! I don't think Dyl would have let me anywhere near him with a styling tool. LOL I loved it long, but I admit, I like the cleaner look on Dylan. His face changed a lot while it was long and initially it was a great "cut" on him, but by the end his jaw had thickened so dramatically that it no longer looked right.

  5. No, I guess I didn't realize that! Ha! I'm confused. I just clicked on it and it says that it's not open.